University towns are bastions of knowledge and creativity, where an individual’s true personality can flourish. And here at NB Private Capital, we are proud to provide the housing for the next generation of great minds, and we wanted to celebrate what makes these properties so special to our residents.

We recently held a contest for residents at all the NB Private Capital properties, challenging them to take unique photos — all of them in black and white — of their respective buildings. Below are the top eight submissions that we thought perfectly characterize each one of our amazing properties.

Tuscany Place, Rexburg, ID

This photo from Dorey Brock, one of our residents at Tuscany Place in Rexburg, Idaho, encapsulates the homeliness that we strive for in our properties. Is she going to or coming from class before she decided to capture this photo in front of the nameplate of the complex? I guess we will never know!

Commonsat Sawmill, Flagstaff, AZ

Commons at Sawmill resident Chris Ang decided to go a little more artistic with his photo submission. Utilizing the perpendicular lines of the stairwell, the bark of the tree on the right-hand side of the photo almost seems to be a part of the building itself.

MollyBar Trails, Oxford, MS

This submission from Molly Barr Trails resident Cheryl Hansen is perhaps the best encapsulation of man versus nature. The manufactured lines of the building perfectly frame the natural world beyond and is surely a pleasant view for Cheryl to enjoy each morning as she heads to class.

The Element, Sacramento, CA

O fall the photography winners, Jussi Mateo took the most unique photo of her apartment complex. The fish eye lens captures a unique look to Jussi’s building, and upon first glance, you’d think you are looking at a building superimposed onto a photo of the moon!

900Factory, Logan, UT

900Factory resident Autumn Dunda grabbed a snapshot of minimalist treasure here. With the beauty of the Wasatch Range undoubtedly looming just beyond the wall and windows in the photo, Autumn reminds us that there can be beauty in the mundane.

DarbyRow, Southbend, IN

KristineCraig, resident of Darby Rowin South Bend, Indiana, submitted this winning photo of one of the brick tower sat her apartment building. Kristine absolutely nailed the photographic rule of thirds in her photo, highlighting the three different materials of the building in a proportionate manner.

CPCincy, Cincinnati, OH 

This photo preserves perhaps the most quint essential elixir of the college student: coffee. CP Cincy resident Jennare Traore enjoys a hot cup of joe from her balcony overlooking the pool before starting her day.

The Ruckus, Pullman, WA

The Rukus resident Kristopher Alina truly captured a crisp and striking photo here. Surely the unconventional awning in the lower portion of the frame is what inspired Kristopher to take the photo, and the black and white filter gives the capture almost a hand-drawn feel.

The eight winners of the contest were awarded a $100 gift card for their interesting takes on some of our amazing student housing properties. Thank you to all who participated in our photo contest this year!