Brian Nelson

President & Founder


Blake Wettengel

Chief Executive Officer

Tanya Muro

Chief Operating Officer

Dustin Hatfield

Vice President of Acquisitions

James Hogen

Senior Vice President,
Asset Management

Jennifer Welker

Senior Vice President of Finance

Jennifer Scofield

Assistant Controller

Dustin Eyre

Vice President of Asset Management

Jason Kjellson

Executive Vice President, Capital Markets


Robert Brennan

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Joe Maymo

Vice President, Capital Markets


Patrick Lam

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Brad Davidson

Vice President, Capital Markets


Janet Cook

Vice President of Marketing

Katherine Herron

Manager of Investor Relations


NB Private Capital, LLC (“NBPC”) is a student housing investment company located in Orange County, California. NBPC’s predecessor, Nelson Brothers Professional Real Estate (“NB”) was originally founded in 2007 with the goal of providing brick-and-mortar investment opportunities that can potentially offer a unique balance of stable performance, monthly income, tax efficiency, appreciation, and diversification—all from one investment. Through 2017, NB grew to over $800 million in managed real estate with over 1,300 investors and was ranked the #129th fastest-growing private companies in the US. 2018 saw the need for restructuring with Brian Nelson starting his own syndication firm, NBPC. While the name has changed, the goals remain the same. NBPC will continue to invest in student housing facilities throughout the country that are core pedestrian or properties designed for a market-specific population, in which the goal will be a long-term stable cash flow over a five-year holding period. The firm’s investments will be primarily geared to income-seeking investors who enjoy the simplicity of 1031 exchanges in a DST structure.

NB Private Capital believes that increased diversification can help with capital preservation and safety. With this in mind, NB Private Capital created an LLC that owns smaller interests in various NB properties. Investors can buy shares of the LLC and have direct ownership benefits of a more diversified portfolio. The LLC is IRA eligible but not eligible for 1031 exchanges.

NB Private Capital seeks to acquire newer assets that we believe to be stabilized and well-located in strong markets. For these properties, NB Private Capital will typically employ a more conservative buy-and-hold strategy where the property is held for a five- or six-year period. These assets are 1031 and IRA eligible.

NB Private Capital will also consider acquisitions of older properties that we believe have a fantastic location with an excellent track record of high occupancy but may not be in the best or the most competitive condition. Our plan for these assets is to devise a strategy that targets rent growth and an increase in property value by enhancing the appeal of the property through strategic upgrades, renovations, and amenity improvements. These opportunities are typically 1031 and IRA eligible.